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5 ways to increase Android Battery life

5 ways to increase android battery life
5 ways to increase android battery life
Hello Friends… In this Tutorial we teach you ” 5 ways to increase Android Battery life
Android Phone’s have many features. This feature eat battery like a MONSTER. We try 5 ways to increase android battery life your phone and Save More Battery.

5 Ways To increase Android Battery Life :-

1. Turn Off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS if You are Not using them

WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS use Power even when you are Not using them.  Example — if your WiFi Not Connected with any Wireless Network/Hotspot. WiFi regularly Search wireless Connection and eat your battery.

WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS Eat phone’s battery regularly. if you are not using them, Turn Off and Save your phone’s battery life.

Increase android battery life1

2. Update your Phone’s Apps regularly

Many Peoples ignore to update apps. Developers fix bugs in every New update. If you update your apps regularly so your apps not using lots of battery. Don’t ignore to update apps.

3. Turn On Power Saving Mode

If your phone’s battery less then 50% , we recommend you turn on battery saver. You easily save your phone’s battery with this feature.

Increase android battery life2

4. Set Screen Time-Out

With this setting you easily set your phone screen off time. Select screen time-out 15 seconds. If you not using screen time-out feature. Your phone’s screen eat battery regularly. If you turn on this setting in your android device, your phone screen off automatically in 15 seconds.

Increase android battery life3

5. Use Greenify App

Greenify app is work in Rooted and Not Rooted phone. This is best for rooted phone. If your phone is rooted I think this is best app for you. Greenify just hibernate the apps which are not currently in use. this app stop background running apps and increase your android battery life. This app is battery Booster for your phone.

Use Greenify in your Android phone , just follow these steps



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