How to Capture 3D image in Android

Capture 3D image in Android
Hello Friends… Today we talk about ” How to Capture 3D image in Android ” You easily take 3D image in your Android phone with only few Clicks. 3D image technique don’t by its frame division technique. This technique join multiple image frames 8nt9 one and give 3D Effect.
Just follow the Simple Steps to Capture 3D image in Android :-

Fyuse App

This app is very Helpful for you. Because you easily capture 3D image in app and publish. Fyuse app is a social media app for 3D images. You find lots of Best 3D image here. This app Require Internet.

Step 1. Download fyuse App from Okay Store
Fyuse - 3D Photos
Fyuse - 3D Photos
Developer: Fyusion, Inc.
Price: Free
Feature :
  • Create Unique Photos with 3D Shots
  • No extra/Special hardware require
  • Convert image to GiF and MP4(HD)
  • work online/Offline
  • Completely Free App
  • Ad-Free
  • Best Quality
Step 2. Now open fyuse app and Sign up/Login

Capture 3D image in Android 1

Step 3. Click on Capture image icon and give all Necessary Permission Capture 3D image in Android 2
Step 4. Now Capture 3D 8mage in Android with this app. Click on Capture Button and focus on target. Now move your phone camera and Capture 3D image. You also  Capture 3D selfie with this App. Capture 3D image in Android 3

You also try Phogy App

Phogy, 3D Camera
Phogy, 3D Camera
Price: Free+
With phogy app you capture beautiful 3D image. This app work like fyuse app. But Phogy app give you some extra features. Phogy app give you limited Features and limited photoa. If you need full version of this app so invest some money in this app.
Features :
  • High Quality MP4 sharing
  • Set live Wallpaper
  • Work Offline
  • In-App-Purchase
  • No special Hardware Required
  • Create image to  3D GiF
  • Easy photos Share
  • Ad-Free
Both apps give you many features with 3D image. You easily convert image in GiF, MP4. This app give you high Quality photos. Friends if this article helpful for you and you like this article please share with your friends.


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