How to Clear Cache Data in Windows 10

Clear Cache Data in Windows
Hello Friends… in this article we teach you “ How to Clear Cache Data in Windows without any Software “. friends you easily clean your pc’s cache data. windows give you many options to clear cache data in windows. cache data always slow your computer, but you easily Clear Cache Data in Windows in just few clicks with two methods.
We Teach you Two different methods to Clear Cache Data in Windows. in windows 10 you see a disk cleanup option with this option you easily clean disk(cache/unnecessary data). just follow the simple steps to Clear Cache Data in Windows :-

1. Method :- Clear Cache Data using Disk Cleanup 

Disk Cleanup program inbuilt in windows. this is very simple way. you easily clean cache data of any Disk with Disk Cleanup. this feature is totally free. Disk Cleanup help you to clear unnecessary data from computer.
Step 1. Search Disk Clean in Search Bar. Now you see Disk Cleanup Program here. just click on this and open

Clear Cache Data in Windows

Step 2. Now wait few Seconds. after Calculating Data you See a Dialog Box. Now click on Clean Up System Files. Here you See all Cache data with System Cache Data.
Clear Cache Data in Windows
in this dialog box you See files/folder here. Click on files/folder and you want to delete then Click on Ok Button. Now you Delete Cache data Successfully.

2. Method :- Clear Cache Data using Run Box

you Easily Delete Temporary Cached files with Run Box. Press windows key + R and Run Box Appear.
Step 1. Type %temp% and Hit Enter.

Clear Cache Data in Windows

Step 2. Now you see All Temp Files here. Select all files and Right Click -> Delete

Clear Cache Data in Windows

Step 3. Type again only Temp in Run Box and hit Enter and wait for few Seconds. Now Select All Files and Right Click -> Delete (with Temp you delete system cache data)

Clear Cache Data in Windows


Thank you for Reading. Now you Successfully Clear Cache Data in Windows. if this post helpful for you and you like this post. Please share with your friends and read other articles like this.


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