How to Configure MS Outlook on POP

Configure MS Outlook on POP

Today I Show you how to Configure MS Outlook on POP methods first i will tell you what is Outlook, how its work and why we use outlook.Today I Show you how to Configure MS Outlook on POP. You easily set up you ms outlook with pop in your PC. This is very simple method. Complete all steps and you Configure MS Outlook on POP. We teach you Step by Step Configure MS outlook on POP. When you configure on pop You easily Download outlook mails.

What is Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the preferred email client use to access e-mails in one place of many IDs. not only does Microsoft Outlook provide access to Exchange Server email, but it also includes calendaring, contact and task management functionality. Companies can also integrate Outlook with Microsoft’s SharePoint platform to share , project notes, documents, collaborate with colleagues, send reminders and much more.


Why we use Microsoft Outlook?

It’s a most probably used in corporate offices. It’s save personal mails in particular file you also repair your crepate data file without lowe’s any email you also see your all emails when you are not connected from internet.

How MS Outlook work

MS Outlook Configure in three different methods 1st is POP, 2nd is IMAP and 3rd is Exchange.  we discuss on POP configuration.


POP Full form is (Post Office Protocol) its most popular to use.

Open MS Outlook Go to File Option go to Account Settings

Click On New

Now go to manual configuration server settings

Go to Internet Email

Configure all Emails Like this and then click on More settings

Nothing to do on General tab

Check Mark “My Outlook Server (SMTP) requires authentication”

Feel All Information of Advance tab

Incoming Server (POP3) 995 check mark encrypted connection (SSL)

Outgoing Server (SMTP) Port no is 465 and 857 also select encrypted connection  on Auto

Set a Delivery Option check mark a “Leave a copy of message on the server” and uncheck “remove from server after some days”

After that Click Test Account Settings

After successfully Completed Sending and Receiving Click on Next and then Finish now you can receive mails like this.

Thank You for Reading. Now you are Ready for Configure MS outlook on POP. If you like this article please share with your friends and read other articles like this.


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