How to Create Backup Batch File in Windows 10

Create Backup Batch File
Hello friends… in this article we Teach you ” How to Create Backup Batch File in windows 10 “. you easily Create Backup Batch File with Notepad. in this article we Create Backup Batch File with Notepad (with .bat extension). you easily backup your data with backup batch file.

In this Tutorial we create backup batch file using Notepad and CMD.

Create Backup Batch File

Step 1.  Open Notepad

Step 2.  Type this

xcopy \\<Pickup file system name or IP>\<Folder Name>\*.* \Destination drive name>\Folder Name /DSHYC

          For Example Like this

Using System Name

Ex. – xcopy \\guruji gyan\New Folder\*.* D:\New Folder /DSHYC

Using System IP Address

Ex. – xcopy \\\New Folder\*.* D:\New Folder /DSHYC

Create Backup Batch File

Step 3. Now make 2nd folder backup go to next line and type a command Using another folder Location.

Step 4. Go to File Option and Click On Save Button

Step 5. give a File name and also give batch file action for example. (Save this file with .bat extension) 

Ex – Gurujiggyan.bat (just like give a file name)

Create Backup Batch File

Step 6. Click on Save Button after Save this File. Now you see the file Icon Look Like this

Create Backup Batch File

Step 7. Run this File when You Want Backup.

Create Backup Batch File

How to Change in Backup File

Step 1. You easily Edit this file with, Right Click On Backup File and Click On Edit Button. File open in Notepad now you can edit normilly.

Create Backup Batch File

Step 2.  Change the File Details 

Step 3.  Save the File Normally

Step 4.  Run backup file and get a charged according to you.

Now you Successfully Create Backup Batch File in windows 10. if this post helpful for you and you like this post. Please share with your friends and read other articles like this. Thank You for Reading.



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