How to Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD

Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD

Hello Friends… In this article we teach you ” How to Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD ” . We easily create Bootable Pendrive with CMD in just few simple Steps. You Need minimum 4GB Pendrive for Create Bootable Pendrive. You easily use this pendrive for install OS in PC.

When you Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD. You Need some CMD commands. We use CMD commands and create Bootable Pendrive. This method use 10-15 Minutes. If you Not interested in Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD. Try third party software. You easily create Bootable Pendrive with software in just few clicks.

Just follow the Simple Steps and to Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD :-

Step 1. Insert USB in your Computer Create Bootable Pendrive using CMD 1

Step 2. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator -> Click on Yes ( This is very important step because you are going to Edit Disks which require admin permission )

Step 3. Type ‘diskpart‘ in CMD and wait until the Disk Part Program Run 

Step 4. Type ‘list disk‘ and Press Enter. Now you see all active disk in your Computer. 


Disk 0 Hard disk 

Disk 1 Pendrive (USB)

Step 5. Type ‘Select disk 1‘ press Enter  

Step 6. Type ‘clean‘ . This command clean your pendrive, Your all Pendrive data delete

Step 7. Type ‘create partition primary‘ with this command you create primary partition 

Step 8. Type ‘select partition 1‘ and press Enter

Step 9. Type ‘active‘ then Type ‘format fs=ntfs quick‘ and press Enter. With this command your pendrive Quick format in NTFS file System

Step 10. Type ‘exit‘ Now you leave diskpart Program.

Step 11. Your Pendrive Ready for boot.  Now Copy All Data from windows installation Disk and Paste in your Pendrive.

Thank You for Reading. Now your pendrive is Bootable. You easily install windows with your pendrive/usb in any Computer/Laptop. If you like this article, please with your friends And Read more articles like this. 


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