How to add user and create schedule in QNAP TS-228

How to add user and create schedule in QNAP TS-228

Hello friends Today we Discuss about how to add user and create schedule in QNAP TS-228. QNAP is a device to create your Backup and data storage device we also connect this on over network and access in any corner of the world by using your PC/Leptop and Your Smartphones. For More Details read continuously.

What Is QNAP

QNAP’s is a Network Attached Storage in this device we attach one and more hard drives that are constantly connected to the Internet. QNAP store your Important files and media such as photos, videos and music. you think it’s like your external hard drive you put it at your home and access for everywhere and everytime.

How to Create User With Permutation 

After Connect on your Network access it on your web browser and login then click on Control Panel

now you see many Options click on Users  Click on Create Button and then Click on

Create User Feel Username, Password and verify password and click on Create button.

User is created and the Permutation is given when we create a folders.

How to Create Shared Folder

For create shared folder go to on your Browser and access your login site and login and go to File Station.

after that go to File Station and Click on ADD+ button then click Create Shared folder 


Give folder name then click On Edit button and give a permutation RO (you read only) RW (read write) Deny witch you want. after that click on Create Button.

you also create a folder for spacial user also by using Share space with user.

 How to Create Backup Schedule

When you create a backup schedule you must first create a User and Folder with Permutation after that you download a software by clicking on this button


Install Netbak Replicator and open it. click on Schedule Backup select a folder or files witch you create a backup.

now see the right side of screen their you see “Please Select the Destination” click the arrow key  and then click on Network Location and then see the QNAP IP in Specify NAS IP then press the arrow key you see a folders of your NAS Device select a folder and press OK. 

when you Create a folder of each backup the check mark a option and then give a folder name.

select a date and time of creating backup. and click on frequency settings select a how to create a backup hourly, Daily Weekly or Monthly select a type a backup.

Check mark a box which you want to shutdown after backup. now click on Add button.

after this Process backup schedule is create Successfully and your data is backed up  automatically on set time. you also Backup manually select your backup schedule right click on it now click on Backup Now your backup process is started in backside.

 Now successfully create schedule in QNAP TS-228.Thank you for Reading.


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