10 ways to Increase Android Phone Speed 2018

Increase Android Phone Speed
Hello friends… In this Tutorial we Teach you ” 10 ways to Increase Android Phone Speed “. Many times we face issue with slow phone. After you read this tutorial you easily increase android phone speed in just only 10 simple ways.

10 ways to Increase Android Phone Speed

1. Clear Cache Data

In your Phone’s apps Cache little bit of Data. So your phone speed slow because Apps Save useless memory in your phone. So Clear Cache Data in your phone.
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2. Update Your Android System and Apps

  • Update Android System :- Regularly up to date your phone’s OS. When you use old OS, you face many problems with your phone. Evey New Update Company Fix Bugs and Improve OS Performance. So always up to Date Your Phone’s OS.
  • Update Apps :- Don’t use old version apps. Always update your phone’s apps from Google Play Store. Because Evey New Update Always Better than Old.

3. Avoid Live Wallpaper

EveyPerson love live wallpaper and use in phone. But live wall always Running in your phone’s background. And always Eat your phone’s Battery and RAM. We Recommend you Avoid Live Wallpaper.

4. Turn Off Animation 

whenyou use your phone, you see fade in/out feature. This feature use high Battery and Graphics. So Turn Off Animation in your phone… Settings -> Developer Option -> Windows Animation Scale -> Turn Off Animation.

5. Remove unused/unwanted Apps

Remove unused Apps. Because this Apps Not use by you and this apps use your phone’s storage. So if you Not use any app in your phone Uninstall this app.

6. Restart Phone

When you use your phone and experience any Performance Issue. Immediately Restart your phone. Many Apps Run in phone’s Background and use Memory Regularly. When you Restart your phone, phone’s all apps restart and use low memory.

7. Close Background Running Apps

Use Greenify app. This app Improve your phone’s battery life and close background running Apps.

8. Reduce Widgets

Widget is Not App. When you use widgets in your ohone, widgets are always Run in your phone Background and Active All Times. So Your phone’s Home screen is busy with widgets. So use limited wighets.

9. Use Lite Apps

Lite Apps use little piece of Phone’s Storage/RAM. So always use Lite apps in your phone.

10. Free Up Space

When your Phone’s Memory is full. Phone’s apps Not Working Properly. Because many apps use memory for Run. So Always Free up Space in your phone.


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