Increase pendrive copy speed upto 1gb/s

Increase pendrive copy speed
Hello friends, in this Tutorial we teach you Increase pendrive copy speed . We have 4 ways to increase pendrive copy speed . We always face pendrive slow speed problem. You read this article after you easily increase pendrive copy speed.

This Article is Best answer of this Question How to increase pendrive copy speed ?

  1. Change File System
  2. Use USB 3.0
  3. Use Tera Copy
  4. Device Policies

#1. Change File System

In Windows NTFS file system better than FAT 32. NTFS file system latest and faster than FAT32. Make Sure your drive/USB is using NTFS file system.if your file system not using NTFS file system, Follow this Steps and use NTFS file system :-
Step 1. Plug your pendrive into Laptop/PC.
Step 2. Now open My Computer -> Right Click on Pendrive -> Click on Format Increase pendrive copy speed 1
Now your Pendrive Work Better.
NOTE :- In this method your all Data delete. So please backup your pendrive data than try this Method.

#2. Use USB 3.0

Three types of USB version available:-
  1. USB 1.0 :- This version is very old and very Slow. USB 1.0 Data Transfer Speed only 1.5mb/s To 12mb/s .
  2. USB 2.0 :- USB 2.0 available in many Computers/Laptop. USB 2.0 Speed is 60mb/s To 480mb/s .
  3. USB 3.0 :- This version Speed is very Good. This version release in 2008. Original USB 3.0 Speed 200mb/s To 1gb/s.

#3. Use Tera Copy

Tera Copy is Computer Software. This software provide you maximum Data Transfer Speed. This software help you to increase drive move and copy speed. Tera copy gives you many features. This software is best for increased drive speed (Move and Copy).

Download Tera Copy

#4. Change Device Policies

Plug you pendrive in PC/Laptop -> Right click on pendrive -> properties -> Hardware -> You See list of drives (Select Your Drive ) -> click on properties -> Click on Change Setting Button -> Now Click on Policies Tab than Click on Better Performance. Increase pendrive copy speed 2
This method help you to increase your pendrive speed. Now your pendrive work with better performance.

Now you are Ready to increase pendrive copy speed easily. And enjoy maximum copy speed.



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