Install Node js shared hosting

Install Node js shared hosting

Hello Friends in this Article we talk about ” How to Install Node js in Your Shared Hosting”. friends When You Buy a New Shared Hosting So in Many Shared Hosting Plans(cPanel) No Node js Available. You Need to Install Node JS Manually in Your Shared Hosting. Install Node js shared hosting.

You Can Easily Install Node js in cPanel with Putty. You Need Putty Software for Install Node js. So First of All Download Putty Software with this link. So First of All Install Putty MSI (‘Windows Installer‘) file in Your Computer then Download Putty exe file and Run in Your PC/Laptop.

Putty Download

You Can Also Check Video Tutorial

Step 1. Change Your cPanel Password and Turn on SSH Access in Your Hosting Account.

Step 2. Now Run Putty exe File and You See Option Like this

Install Node js shared hosting

  1. Enter Your Server (cPanel) IP Address
  2. Enter Your Port Number (You Can Find Your Port Number in Server Details)
  3. Enter Your cPanel Password
  4. Click on Open Button

Step 3. Now if You Put Correct Details then You Can See Next Screen Like this.

Install Node js shared hosting

  1. Now Enter Your cPanel Username and Press Enter Button
  2. Now Enter Your cPanel Password (You Can’t See Your Password When You Type, You Need to Just Type Password and Press Enter Button)

Step 4. If You Enter Correct cPanel Username and Password then You See Next Screen Like this

Install Node js shared hosting

Now Ready for Enter Command in this Box, Copy these Commands and Paste Correctly (Important)

1. use this Command for Download Node JS File


2. use this Commmand for Extract Node JS File

tar xvzf node-v8.10.0-linux-x64.tar.gz

3. Now we will rename the folder to node.js name, to do this type the following command

mv node-v8.10.0-linux-x64 nodejs

4. Now install node and npm binaries, type the next commands

    • mkdir ~/bin
    • cp nodejs/bin/node ~/bin
    • cd ~/bin
    • ln -s ../nodejs/lib/node_modules/npm/bin/npm-cli.js npm

5. That is all, Node.js and npm are installed on your account. To verify, type the following commands

node –version

Now If You See Your Node JS Version Code So Successfully Installed Node JS in Your Shared Hosting



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