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Hello Friends, in this Article we Review a Brand New Game ‘Nagus Games

Nagus Games Review is An amazing game that cannot be ignored. this Game is Very Entertaining and Awesome Game,  This Steam Game is Full Awesome Levels Also Peoples Enjoy this Game. This Game is Very Special Game on the Steam.

Tom has been trapped in a dream after accepting a YouTube challenge.


When he goes to sleep, he falls into a dream from which he cannot escape, join Tom to investigate this world that is sometimes funny and other times macabre and violent, help Tim find a way to wake up, helping others, investigating mysteries within each level and avoiding the violent behavior of some enemies.
Discover what he lurks in the shadows and what happens in dreams in this incredible fantasy story.

You Can Play this Game Very Easily, You Can Play on Your Desktop and Laptop with Steam. This Game Have Many Awesome Levels for Play. Click on this Link and Add to Wishlist in Your Steam Account.

Nagus Games Review Features :-

  • Six unique, hand-drawn illustrative levels.
  • Fight your way through hordes of bosses, monsters and strange bloodthirsty creatures with your trusty baseball bat.
  • Immerse yourself in an impressive piano-centric soundtrack.
  • Incredible 2D graphics
  • Incredible story of someone trapped in a dream world.
  • A simple challenge can transform a player into a real protagonist in a strange world.
  • Fantastic soundtrack that crosses incredible scenarios.
  • Figures that can only appear in a dream … a player’s dream.

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Tom´s Adventure
Tom´s Adventure
Developer: Nagus Games
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