How to Play Songs with lyrics in Android

Play Songs with lyrics in Android
Hello Friends… In this article we teach you ” How to Play Songs with Lyrics in Android without Root ”  Everyone Live Songs and Many times Sing Songs with Lyrics. But many songs lyrics is very hard. And always search lyrics on sites then play songs. But after this article you easily listen any song with lyrics.
Friends after you Read this Tutorial, you easily sing song with Accurate Lyrics. Here’s we give you Best App for Play Songs with Lyrics in Android.

1. MusixMatch Lyrics

Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music
Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music
MusixMatch Lyrics app is the Best app of Play Songs with Lyrics in Android. You easily read any type of songs lyrics in this app. This app translate lyrics with more than 60 languages. You find More Than 60 language songs in this app.

Features :

    • Play Songs with Lyrics
    • Translate lyrics in More than 60 languages
    • MusixMatch app also available for android wear
    • Easily find any song with song title and artist Name
    • Editors Choice

2. QuickLyrics

QuickLyric - Instant Lyrics
QuickLyric - Instant Lyrics
Quick Lyrics App is 2nd best app for play songs 2ith lyrics in android. When you Play  song in any app (Google Play Music, Spotify etc…) Open Quick Lyrics app and you see this song lyrics here. This app completely Free and also available for android wear. This app instantly fetch lyrics while you are listening songs.

3. LyricsMania

Lyrics Mania - Music Player
Lyrics Mania - Music Player
Developer: Eight Signs
Price: Free+
With this app you play songs and Read lyrics in one app. You can search any song with artist and song. You listen songs with other app (Google Play Music, Spotify etc.) And you wish to read lyrics on this song Try Lyrics Mania App.

4. Genius : Song Lyrics 

Genius app give you any songs lyrics you want. And verify by Experts.  Give necessary permissions to this app and enjoy. You easily  listen any song with Lyrics in this app.

5. AirLyrics

Air lyrics app Automatically Search song lyrics in background while you listen song. Store song lyrics for offline. This app use Low Data upto 40kb per Lyrics View.


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