How to Record Calls with Truecaller

Record Calls with Truecaller
Hello Friends… Today we teach you ” How to Record Calls with Truecaller “. Friends this is new features in Truecaller. Many peoples use third party apps for record calls but Truecaller give this feature. You easily Record Calls with Truecaller without any third party apps.

You Don’t Need to Pay Extra for this feature in Truecaller. We easily Record Calls with free version of Truecaller. Here’s few steps for Record Calls with Truecaller :-

Step 1. Open Truecaller then open Setting Record Calls with Truecaller

Step 2. Now you see Recording option here. Click on Call Recording Record Calls with Truecaller

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Step 3. Now you see Call Recorder setting here. Turn On call recorder. You see second option here ” Which Calls to Record ” Record Calls with Truecaller

Step 3.1 Click on ” Which Calls to Record ” and You see two options here

  1. Auto
  2. Manual Record Calls with Truecaller

1. Auto :- when you Call anybody with your phone and you recieve calls, your all calls record automatically. Record Calls with Truecaller

2. Manual :- When you Receive calls and Make Calls, Recording Not Start Automatically. You need to start Recording Manual by click on Record Button Record Calls with Truecaller

Note :- If Calls Recording option Not Appear in your installed Truecaller app, so update your app fr Google Play Store and App Store then try.

Thank you for Reading. Now you easily Record Calls with Truecaller. If you like this post please share with your friends and Read other articles like this. If you have any problem with this article, please leave a comment and Contact me.


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