How to Recover Files from Corrupted Pendrive

Recover Files from Corrupted Pendrive
Hello Friends… In this article we Teach you ” How to Recover Files from Corrupted Pendrive ” Many times virus Corrupt Pendrive Data and Unmounte Pendrive improperly from Port. So USB Not Working Properly and Data Corrupt. But after you Read this article you easily Recover files from Corrupted Pendrive/USB Drive.
In this article we teach Three Greatest Methods. You easily Recover Files from Corrupted Pendrive. Just Follow the Simple Steps :-

1. Method :- Reinstall Drivers

There are High Chances that Pendrive and Data Not Damage but your windows Drivers Corrupt. So, we can try to Reinstall Drivers in PC.
Step 1. Insert Pendrive in Computer –> Open Device Manager –> Click on Disk Drives
You see Your Connected USB Driver Here.

Recover Files from Corrupted Pendrive

Step 2. Right Click on USB Drive and go to Properties Go to Driver Option and Click on  ‘Uninstall Device

Recover Files from Corrupted Pendrive

Now Restart your Computer. when Restart Complete, windows Automatically Detect and install Drivers.

2. Method :- Assigning New Drive Letter

When in very Rare Chance Your Computer Fail to Recognise Hard Drive. So you try with Assigning New Drive letter. This method is very Simple and Useful.
Step 1. Insert Pendrive –> Right Click on My Computer –> Click on Manage –> ( Computer Management Program is Open )Recover Files from Corrupted Pendrive
Step 2. Click on ‘Disk Management‘ in Computer Management.
Step 3. Right Click on your usb drive and click on “Change Drive Letter and Path.”
Step 3. Now click on Change and select your Drive letter and Click on OKRecover Files from Corrupted Pendrive

You are done. reinsert your USB drive and see its done or not. if its failed try next method.

3. Method :- Recover Files from Corrupted Pen Drive using EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Recover your Corrupted Data. This Software available in 2 versions (Paid, Free). You Easily Recover Data with Free version.
Download and Install EaseUS in your PC. Open EaseUS Software and Recover Deleted/Corrupted Data.


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  1. Be sure – Do not panic! In bulk cases, deleted files can recreate – even if you have cleared the trash or did not used the trash when deleting files.
    For effective recovery lost data very important implement some actions. Do not be discouraged – for this, it is not necessary to be an expert in the field of information technology, you also do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to a specialist professional for restoration of your lost information.
    how to recover a word document


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