How to Save Anyone Whatsapp Status Without Any App

Save Anyone Whatsapp Status Without Any App 7
Hello Friends, today we talk about How to Save Anyone Whatsapp Status Without Any App. Friends in WhatsApp app we unable to download WhatsApp Status. So we try available apps on play store for download WhatsApp Status. But in this tutorial we download WhatsApp Status without app.

Best answer in this Post of this Question ‘ How to Save AnyOne Whatsapp Status Without Any App ?

In Google Play Store many apps available for Download WhatsApp Status. In all WhatsApp Status downloader apps you face too many ads and always problem to download WhatsApp Status. After read this tutorial you easily download WhatsApp Status without any app and Ads.
You should have any File manager to access your Hidden File and Folder you also use default system file manager. But we prefer to use ES File Explorer this app so reliable and easy to use. Download ES file explorer app Click on this Link.


Open Your Whatsapp and Download some status (for download whatsapp status watch status normally).
Now Open Your File Manager and Enable to access hidden files and folders.


Go to whatsapp folder and then Go to media Folder you have to see .Statuses folder (hidden folder) Open this folder

Now You Have See the All statuses you watch on your whatsapp.


For Save any video,Image and GIF File select and Copy the file another location

Now the file you can copy is show on your Gallery like this

Use Image,Video and GIF Like you want.

How it’s Work

When we see friends WhatsApp Status in own phone. If you see first time friends WhatsApp Status (Evey new status), you always required Internet.  So when you see your friends status on WhatsApp first time (Evey new status), this status automatically download in your phone’s internal memory. Now we copy this status from WhatsApp folder and Paste in other folder/New folder. Now you show friends WhatsApp Status in your phone’s Gallery.


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