Utopia Channel Manager

Utopia channel manager

Hello Friends in this Article We Talk about ‘ What is Utopia Channel Manager and How to Create Channel in Utopia?

What is Utopia Channel?

A Channel is a tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences and engaging in group discussions. If you want to create a blog, a business chat, news feed, or simply conduct a private group discussion, Utopia channels are just what you need. Channels can have an unlimited number of members.

What is utopia Channel Manager?

Utopia’s Channel Manager is Manage Your Channels and Give You Chance to Create Own Channel, Join Other Channels, Search Channel, Delete Your Channel and Much More. Open Channel Manager by Go to Tools > Channel Manager


utopia channel manager

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What is uMaps in utopia?

How to Create Own Channel in Utopia Ecosystem?

First Open Channel Manager. Now You See Create Channel Open, Now Click on create Channel and You See Many Options for Fill

utopia channel manager

First Of All You Need to Fill All Basic Settings Details

Description :- Enter Your Channel’s Details in Small Description.

Channel Name :- Enter You Channel Name

uNS Manager :- When You Add Your uNS Registered Name in this Section, So Utopia Users Found Your Channel More Easily. uNS Registered Name Allow Users to Avoid Typing Long Channel to Join, When You Add uNS in this Section So User Just Type Your Domain Name You Channel Appear.

Channel Type :- Select Your Channel Type

  • Private :- When You Select Channel Type Private so User Need Password for Join Your Channel.
  • Public :- When You Select Channel Type Public So Your Channel is Visible for All Users and users join Your Channel without password.

Access Type :- with this Option You Give Your Channel More Security

  • Read Only :- if you want to prevent non-privileged users from writing in the group. In this case, only the channel creator and moderators will be able to add messages.
  • Read and Write :- if your channel is a group chat, where each user can add posts.
  • Read Only with Privacy Mode :- if you want to prevent non-privileged users from writing in the group. In this case You Can use Read Only Access Type with More Privacy Options.

Channel Avatar :- Change Your Channel Profile Picture.

Second Fill Advanced Settings

utopia channel manager

Channel Language :- Select Your Channel Language. Click on Setting icon and Enter Your Country Name, Now You See Country Languages. Now Select Language and Click on Arrow Sign. then Click on Select and Save Your Language.

utopia channel manager

Moderator :- Select Moderator  for Your Channel.

GeoTag :- Add Your Channel Location in uMaps.
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uTag :- define hashtags separated by comas, to let Utopia users find your channel easily.

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