Utopia Messenger

Utopia Messenger

Hello Friends in this Article We Talk about ‘ What is Utopia Messenger? how to use?

What is Utopia IM (Messenger)?

Utopia Messenger is Very Secure and Fast Messaging Service. This is inbuilt Messenger in Utopia EcoSystem. Utopia Messenger is Encrypted Messenger, So Your Chat Show Only on Sender and Receiver Computer. Your Chat is Not Save on any Server.

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Open Utopia Messenger > Click on IM then Click on ‘Open In Tab

Utopia Messenger

How to Use Utopia Messenger?

Utopia Messenger

  1. Contacts :- Check Your All Utopia’s Contact List
  2. Recent :- Check Your Recent Chats
  3. Add Contacts :- Add New Contact
  4. Chat Filter :- Filter Your Chat with Hide Unread Message, Show Last Message, Show Date Time, Show Online Contacts
  5. Notification :- Enable/Disable Chat Notifications
  6. Disable Read Notification
  7. Search :- Search Chat from Chat Chat Box
  8. View Profile :- View Your Chat Friend Profile
  9. Open Chat in Tab :- Open Separate Chat in New Tab
  10. Close Chat :- Close Your Chat
  11. Send File :- Send Files in Chat(Messenger)
  12. Press and Hold to Buzz
  13. Send Voice Message :- Record and Send Voice Message in Chat
  14. Emoji :- Send Emoji’s in Chat
  15. Stickers :- Send Stickers in Chat
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Right Click on Your Chat User and See More Options.

Utopia Messenger

You Can Use These Options for Send Cryptons, Play Games, Delete, Whois, Edit Note, Rename Contacts and Many More.

You Can Use Utopia Messenger in your Private Chat, This is Very Secure and fast Messenger Also this is Very Important for Privacy. this Messenger in Inbuilt in Utopia, So You Can this Only in Utopia’s Environment.

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