Utopia uMaps

Utopia uMaps

Hello Friends in this Article We Talk about ‘ What is Utopia uMaps and GeoTag?

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What is uMaps in utopia?

Utopia built-in maps or uMaps. You Can See Utopia’s Channel Location in uMpas. in Utopia uMaps You See 2 Types of Pointer, Number and PIN’s.

1. Number :- in Utopias uMaps You see Number in All Map, So These Number Show You Channel’s Counting. When You Click on any Number So You See “Channel Located in Location”


utopia umaps

2. PIN :- Pin’s Show You Channel, When You Click on Pin so You See Specific Public Channel Details.

utopia umaps

How to Add Your OWN Location in uMaps?

If You Want to Add Your Own Channel Location in uMaps so First You Need Create Channel in Tools > Channel Manager then Add Your Channel Location in uMaps. You Need to use GeoTag in Channel for Add Location in uMaps.

What is GeoTag in Utopia?

GeoTag is an electronic tag that assigns a geographical location to Utopia channel. When you create a channel you have an opportunity to assign a geoTag so that fellow Utopia users can easily find you channel using uMaps.

What is the purpose of Utopia built-in maps?

Each Utopia channel can be geotagged. The purpose of Utopia built-in maps or uMaps is to simplify Utopia channel search and add an additional security layer. As a result there is no need to use public map services which are known to collect your data to feed Big Data massive.

How to Add Location in Channel with GeoTag?

First You Need to Create Channel in Utopia, When You Create You Channel and Publish Channel then

Step 1. Click on My Channel > Select Your Channel and Click on Modify Channel

utopia umaps

Step 2. When You Click on Modify Channel the You See Channel Setting, Now Click on Advanced Settings then Click on geoTab icon

utopia umaps

Step 3. Now You See Map, Now Right Click on Your Location and Click on Add Button 

utopia umaps


Step 4. Now You See Location Number in GeoTag Field, Now Click on Preview Channel then Click on Save

utopia umaps

utopia umaps

Now Check Location in uMaps

First Search Your Channel then You See Your Channel Pin, Now Click on this Pin and See Full info about Your Channel

utopia umaps


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