Utopia uwallet

utopia uwallet

Hello Friends in this Article We Talk about ‘ What is Utopia uWallet and How this Important for You?

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What is Utopia uWallet and How this Important for You?

uWallet is Utopia’s built-in wallet that makes payments in Crypton possible. Crypton is Utopia’s own cryptocurrency. With uWallet you can make payments, store value in Cryptons, receive mining rewards, use Crypto Cards and uVouchers, request payments and accept payments at your website using built-in API. All of this while you remain anonymous. All payments are instant and cannot be reversed. Decentralized nature of Utopia ensures that your balance cannot be expropriated. uWallet is Very Helpful for You.

What is Cryptons (CRP) in Utopia?

Crypton is a payment unit of Utopia ecosystem. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Crypton Name is CRP.Crypton is eternal, while transactions are instant, untraceable and cannot be reversed. Utopia network underlying the Crypton is designed to provide you full Privacy.

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What is Crypto Card and How to Create Your Own Crypto Card?

Crypto Card is Utopia’s alternative to conventional credit/debit cards. The card can be used to make payments without revealing your Public Key. Just like with regular cards, you can be billed only if you have provided your Crypto Card to the merchant.

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Send Cryptons

In Utopia uWallet with Send Crypton Feature, You Can Easily Send Payment to Your Utopia Group. To make a payment click on “uWallet” in menu bar then “Open uWallet” and Click on “Send Cryptons

Request Cryptons

With Request Cryptons Feature You Can Easily Request Payment against Your Work/Bill Payment. Click “Request Payment” and Enter “Amount then” Click on “Arrow Sign”,¬†Now Enter Your Card Number Card Number, Amount, Comment and Click on Confirm Request

utopia uwallet


uVoucher is a set of characters and digits with a preset value denominated in Cryptons.uVouchers are used to send Crypton to someone whose Public Key you do not know. uVoucher can be sent via SMS, email, Facebook or any other convenient way. Open uWallet then Click on uVoucher

utopia uwallet

Activate uVoucher – if You Receive uVouchar from Your Friends, Family, Group and More So Click on Activate uVouchar and Received Cryptons(CRP)

Create New uVouchar – Create Your Own uVouchar and Send to Your Group, Friends and More.


You Can View Your All Details About CRP credit and debit Transactions in this Section, Also You Can Filter Result with Time. Also You Can Export All Transactions Result in PDF.

utopia uwallet

Treasury Data

Utopia rewards users that support ecosystem through mining by emission of new Cryptons. When you run Utopia or bot you will receive your share of collective reward. Utopia Treasury data is a set of statistics of Utopia Treasury mechanism.

The purpose of interest paid on Crypton balances by Utopia is to influence the behavior of Utopia users and alter supply of Cryptons within the ecosystem. Interest rates are part of wider mechanism designed to make Crypton the World’s new reserve currency. All holders of Crypton are eligible to receive interest payments according to the current rate and distribution schedule.

Transaction Volume” page displays statistics covering all transactions within Utopia ecosystem and is not specific to your Utopia account. To the right there is a chart that shows transaction volume dynamics. Adjust the time frame or the type of chart to see the appropriate chart and statistics.

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